Sunday, May 29, 2011

ESPN caves and will allow tonight's Boston/Detroit game to air locally on NESN & FS Detroit

As much as it pains me to write this, ESPN has waived their exclusivity for Sunday Night Baseball and game 2 of the Red Sox vs Tigers day-night doubleheader will be shown on NESN and FS Detroit.

In response, my full blown boycott of ESPN goes into full swing. I normally get my sports news from places like MLB Network & NFL Network, but I just un-followed anyone and everyone associated with ESPN on Twitter and will refuse to watch live sporting events on ESPN probably until college football and only then it will be for Big 10 games.

Would ESPN do this if it was say Royals vs Twins? Nope, but because it's Boston and the mighty Red Sox, ESPN caves in.


  1. Why do you care??? You live in Iowa,you can't see the game anyway.
    Go watch the corn grow. Hayseed.

  2. Pretty good tweet I saw prior to ESPN caving in sums up my feelings:

    Red Sox fans: "ESPN is screwing us tonight!" Royals fans: "Welcome to the club, here's some lube"

    Kinda hard to watch corn grow when I live in a suburb of 50,000 and in a metro area of nearly 600,000.