Friday, September 3, 2010

ABC/ESPN Reverse Mirror

The ABC/ESPN Reverse Mirror returns for the 2010 season.  The reverse mirror was added in 2007 as part of the Big 10's TV contract with ABC/ESPN.  The reverse mirror ensures national coverage of the Big 10 game that airs during the 2:30 TV window on ABC.

A prime example of how the reverse mirror works is what we'll have tomorrow.  Locally on WOI-TV, we will get the UCLA @ Kansas St game and the Connecticut @ Michigan game will air on ESPN2.  In the Mason City TV market as well as Eastern Iowa, it's reversed with the Michigan game on ABC and the Kansas St. game on ESPN2.

The reverse mirror will be in play next week for the Iowa/Iowa St. game giving the big game national coverage, either on ABC or ESPN/ESPN2 and since the game is played at Iowa City, the Big 10 TV contract will apply.

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